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The Radio Show - Mix & Select by DJ Chiavistelli
29 Sep 2012 DJ Set
1 Steve Forest, Nicola Fasano, Ido Shoam - Can't Get Enough (Chriss Ortega mix) JOLLY ROGER
2 Kevin Saunderson - The Sound (Jay Lumen sacred sounds remix) JUST ENT.
3 Morris T - Folk Song (Original Mix) ***
4 DaBo ft Larry Ray - Bam Bam (extended) SMILAX
5 Belocca, Soneec, Lauer & Canard - Big Box (Original Mix) ***
6 Comon - Da Da Da (original mix) JUST ENT.
7 Max Padovani - Everybody Get Up (original mix) SOUND DIVISION
8 Luca Bisori - We're Gonna Back (original) OCEAN DARK
9 Pagany ft Myes Sanko - Colors Of Your Love (Sam Skilz Dub) DISTAR
10 Joris Voorn - Goodbye Fly (Original Mix) REJECTED STYLE
11 Frisco Disco vs Boney M ft Ski - Ma Baker (Crazibiza remix) SONY
12 Andrea Ferrini & Majuri - Dancing On The Clouds (Kris Reen Funky Extended Mix) DANCE AND LOVE

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